Best of 2020

What a title!!! How can anyone use the word “Best” and 2020 in the same sentence? I can. Because when I sat down to write this post I had originally planned on it being more somber, more emotional. I lean that way sometimes (us creatives can’t help ourselves) But after the first few words showed up on my screen it didn’t feel right. I was somehow robbing you guys (and myself) of what my photography is all about. Love, Hope, Moments, Emotions, and storytelling all wrapped up in a big giant “This is Me” Bow (cue the theme song from The Greatest showman on Earth). And before I knew it, I started looking back through my 2020 folders smiling, laughing, remembering hoping and praying I was able to bring a small sliver of light to those who I felt so lucky to be capturing. I feel so incredibly blessed and proud to be a part of so many special moments and I’m excited to share some of my TOP favorite images with you from this past year.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!!

  1. Dawn Rogers says:

    It’s so fun to look back on the year, even one as crazy as 2020. What a great reminder of the good times and beautiful work that was had!

  2. Jennifer Cox says:

    All of those images are amazing and describe what 2020 was. It wasn’t terrible for some of us and you can tell by the joy is their faces that it was indeed a good year despite what they were against!

  3. Maria says:

    Great photos! What a fun way to relieve your year!

  4. Kim Forbes says:

    A better way of remembering 2020! Your photos are beautiful and I’m glad you chose happy instead of somber!

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