Look at me all dressed up!  Don't get me wrong, I love it but on most days you will find me in a T-shirt, flip flops or one of my husbands soft sweatshirts during a Netflix binge. But enough about my wardrobe, as my main passion is PHOTOGRAPHY.  I have been on this journey since 2009. I have tucked away every nugget, every experience every moment that has helped shaped me to provide you, my wonderful clients the best experience filled with love, happiness and a ton of laughter along the way.  Keep scrolling to learn more.     

Hi there, 

things I love

Being a Boy Mom.


having a twin sister

My husband and the beach.

my backyard wildlife


few more fun facts 

Weddings & Engagements
Families all shapes & sizes
High School and College Seniors
Anniversaries, Birthdays and other special events.

Serving the Charlotte, NC and Fort Mill areas of South Carolina

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