Front Porch Project in Tega Cay, SC

How crazy has the world felt for the past few months? I know for me personally everything came to a clear punctuation mark type stop! Not going to lie, I don’t miss the frantic run out the door chasing one kid or the other, cursing because I am running late for car pool, forgot to sign that permission slip and Lord, was today the day I was supposed to go to the dentist??
But what I do miss is people and moments. Little small everyday life things like going to the gym, the mall, a haircut. And while I am loving time with my family, as the only FEMALE in the house well lets just say things are starting to get a little kooky.
Professionally I was struggling too. For photographers April & May is prime time on steroids. With the warmer weather, spring colors, proms, Easter and of course the start of wedding season, spring time can be a photographers beautiful obsession and a way to put the cold unproductive winter months behind us and start fresh with new stories, new ideas, new everything.
Enter Covid-19. Things went from the excitement of a new season to standing still in one place with no idea for how long. I began receiving the phone calls, the e-mails, “what do we do” questions I didn’t know how to answer either. Postponing and rescheduling, especially a wedding was harder than I expected. But I have the best clients in the world, and with grace and an open mind we realized not all was lost. One day things will be different… One day. And it’s during that time that I realized I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself over losing business. It was time to realize that in order to “survive” something like this I had to find a way to “thrive.”
So when a friend of mine sent me a link to the Front Porch Project my photographers heart skipped a beat.
The creativity I was seeing from some of the other projects across the state blew me away. Who knew that toilet paper would be the new “go to” prop for spring sessions. And that a six pack of Corona will never be looked at the same.
But I think my most favorite takeaway was realizing that while it may seem like Life is out of control, WE are still in control. We can control how we chose to react to certain situations and how we can still find ways to smile and laugh even when this world still feels off center, we have our family, our friends, our animals and our spirits to helps us ALL Thrive.
I hope these pictures bring as much a smile to your faces as it did mine while capturing. Thank you to everyone who participated, and it is my hope that these images stay with you as a reminder of when in the Spring of 2020, new blooms began to grow, and so did we.



  1. Devette Hogan says:

    What an AMAZING job Mary!!!

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