Cathy & Patrick Get Hitched

When the grooms name is Patrick and the wedding day happens to fall on St. Patrick’s day you are already off to a good start. Throw in the most gorgeous princess styled gown and hand written vows that left not one dry eye in the room you are well on your way to happily ever after.
I knew the bride Cathy since our kids went to school together and was so thrilled when she asked me to be their wedding photographer. I loved everything about capturing their nuptials. The smiles, the laughs, the hugs, and the early spring like temperatures were just a few of the things that made their day so special. Cathy was as stunning as a bride could be, with her fairy tale dress and long, gorgeous, red hair full of soft curls ( I totally didn’t drool over her curls, nope not one bit).
I thought it was beyond cool that the groom chose his best friend, a female to be his “Best Woman” who rocked her tuxedo better than James Bond!! Everything added up to so many warm and lovely moments between two people who are very much in love and are so devoted to blending their sweet family into big happy bundle of forever. I will always remember being a part of their beautiful day.

Congratulations Cathy & Patrick!!!

Wedding Date: 3.17.18
Location: Separk Mansion Gastonia, NC
4 Hour Wedding Day Package


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